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The heritage of Ballantyne is known all over the world and, with over a hundred years of history, has its roots in the world of Scottish cashmere.

Today, however, it is not only tradition that places it among the most well-known brands that have become synonyms of this precious yarn, but a system made up of quality and savoir - faire, reflected in the creation of knits woven as if they were works of art.

At the helm of Ballantyne is now Fabio Gatto, who has come to the presidency of the company after thirty years of all-round experience in the fashion industry - a career marked by his passion and an inimitable intuition in the world of fabrics. for famous names on the Italian fashion scene, Fabio Gatto is now in the foreground with an all-round desire for change, at the helm of a brand whose need for repositioning and also to address a modern consumer but attentive to the search for a product which summarizes all the characteristics of the Ballantyne brand, has thus led to a renewal of the corporate structure.

The desire to create a product of the highest quality has prompted the Ballantyne team to identify the best yarn processing techniques, to reconstruct and respect a part of that glorious past.At the same time, the continuous desire for research and attention to current market needs of the cashmere world have led Ballantyne to develop increasingly innovative techniques, reaching almost impalpable weights, thus creating a revolutionary idea of ​​cashmere: a soft caress suitable for all seasons.

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