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Experimentation, creativity, mix of materials and colors are the matrices that define Run of, a sneakers brand founded in 2020 in Florence, with the curious and eclectic mind of Matteo Ciuti, Art Director and designer from Livorno in partnership with Boemos, shoe manufacturers since 1961 .

RUN OF redefines the common sense of sneakers by drawing on any source of inspiration without prejudices and preconceptions whatsoever, becoming a symbol of expressive freedom and extreme research on materials, shapes and colors, applied to an innovative design.

Creative freedom and multi-cultural inspiration make RUN OF sneakers, a transversal product, but especially intended for an attentive target, accustomed to observing cultural and expressive trends in general, a target of users accustomed to the search for quality. and news.

RUN OF sneakers are made in Italy to guarantee the quality and sustainability of production, but they do not aspire to purity, on the contrary they make mix and contamination a fundamental value. The materials are combined without awe by mixing noble materials with poor materials. The sneakers are made by applying traditional craft techniques to a futuristic design.

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